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澳门赌场的流水: Guangdong’s creative industry shines on the world stage


菲律宾太阳城申博,三峡集团同葡萄牙电力公司合作,依托该公司在巴西已有水电项目,双方联合开发巴西水电市场。但临近比赛结束时,吉林外援布朗投进“准绝杀”三分,球队100:99领先。  新浪体育讯  北京时间12月4日,据《圣何塞水星新闻》报道,近日勇士主场双加时负于火箭的比赛中,德雷蒙德-格林在一次篮下进攻中“习惯性”抬腿并踢到詹姆斯-哈登的脸而吃到一次一级恶意犯规。葡萄牙朋友感慨道,中方投资长期、稳定、可靠,是可信赖的投资伙伴,“感谢中国企业在葡萄牙最困难的时候拉了葡萄牙一把”。



2018-September-19       Source: 菲律宾太阳城申博 www.3388008.com

Through the development of in-house IP (Intellectual Property), the implementation of cutting-edge technology, Guangdong companies involved in creative industries have begun to go global; furthering international cultural exchange in many fields.

The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road China (Guangdong) International Communication Forum opened in Zhuhai?this afternoon (September 19th)?and will last through to this Friday.

The forum?has?brought?together over?800 delegates and?been attended by former French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, 2011 Nobel Laureate in Economics Thomas J Sargent, etc.

It also published the 2018 Report on Guangdong Enterprises Going Global Along the Belt and Road. Meanwhile, exhibitions covering books, intelligent manufacturing, cultural innovation, intangible cultural heritage and pictures?are also be held.

Through the development of in-house IP (Intellectual Property), the implementation of cutting-edge technology, Guangdong companies involved in creative industries have begun to go global; furthering international cultural exchange in many fields. Here are stories about two Guangdong companies presenting their role in international cultural exchange along the Belt and Road.

The Chinese animation industry’s first encounter with Belt and Road

Alpha's derivative products of Super Wings. [Photo / 菲律宾太阳城申博 www.3388008.com]

Guangdong-based animation and toy company, Alpha Group Co., Ltd creator of Super Wings, Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, established an exclusive department of overseas affairs in 2000, making clear the company’s goal to go global. 18 years later Alpha’s global expansion and cooperation with worldwide organizations is well underway, with shows broadcast, toys sold and IP authorized in over 100 countries and regions across the globe.

Alpha’s Super Wings has been a particular success for the company: an animation catering to pre-school children, the show has been broadcast in over 150 regions worldwide and has received over 20 billion online viewers since its debut at the end of 2015. An animated television series reflecting different world cultures, Super Wings was the first Chinese animation to be introduced across Belt and Road countries.

When it was introduced to Vietnam, however, the team had trouble getting it accepted by local television stations, said Seven Wang, Executive Assistant to President and PR Director. Vietnamese television, had never broadcast Chinese cartoons before and so they initially refused to air the show. Vietnamese networks typically import animations from Europe, America and Japan.

The show’s producer didn’t give up, however, and when a 10-mintue Vietnamese edition of Super Wings was played to the TV station director, he was moved by the show’s excellent production and plotting. In this chosen episode, the story is set in Vietnamese cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, highlighting Vietnamese culture and national dress. The director was very excited after watching it and realised that a Chinese company could indeed produce high quality animation.

The above story speaks volumes about Alpha’s experience of integrating diverse world cultures into its products, enabling them to be received by a global audience. Furthermore, Wang said she believes that Alpha’s IP can overcome cultural difference, because it speaks in universal values: fun, dreams and love.

Now Alpha is cooperating with more than 20 Belt and Road countries to jointly cultivate new IP. In addition to original ideas, the company is developing derivative products across many fields including food, toys and theme parks.

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