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    Guangzhou subway train's speed on trial run hits 176 km/h Leam More

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    Nansha takes a huge leap forward in 2020 Leam More

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    Highest building in Nansha opens its doors Leam More

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    Endangered spoonbill birds spotted in Nansha Leam More

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    Nansha: A magnet for HK, Macao talents Leam More

  • Nansha District

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  • Nansha welcomes thousands of visitors during holiday

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  • Nansha welcomes thousands of visitors during holiday

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Business Environment

Nansha has a solid industrial foundation, which forms an industrial framework of equal value to both the modern service industry...


The project must conform to the laws, regulations and industrial policies of the country...


The incentives are formulated to further create a market-oriented, internationalized and legalized business environment...

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